Alex Hughes

‘Valley of Sean Penn’ Sessions

Role:  Videography, Editing

Australian guitar virtuoso, Alex Hughes, embodies a modern twist on acoustic wizards like Michael Hedges and Andy McKee. His technique is wildly engaging, so when approached to shoot a series of videos for his most recent release, “The Valley of Sean Penn,” I was thrilled to join the rest of the talent working on the album.

We spent a day on location in my then-living room in Sherman Oaks, California with several other singers/players, shooting a series of live playing sessions and compiled the sessions into what you’re about to see. To visually compliment Alex’s playing style, I worked to fuse zany, interesting shots with a very home-grown aesthetic. The songs shown below are “Bumpy Ride” (Alex Hughes) and “In Your Eyes” (Peter Gabriel).

Album engineered and produced by German recording wizard, Julian David.